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    update with pics

    I just wanted to post pics of my situation. I could not find where my dad put the camera, so I took some from my lap top. I have been on propecia as you guys now for 11 months and a half. so far nothing has changed. still losing a ton of hair. IMO my crown looks thinner during the time on propecia.

    here are some pics. should I quit propecia? Ignore the premature grey hair lol. at 26 I am cursed lol. sorry if the quality isnt that good. what are your thoughts. You guys think I still have time for it to kick in?
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    Re: update with pics

    more pics
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    Re: update with pics

    whenever my hair sticks up my crown looks thinner, when the hair is down looks normal at times. the back usually sticks up. as you can see in the first pic I put the hair down with my hand in the crown.

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    Re: update with pics

    I hear ya, fin thinned me out bad.. Dont know what to tell ya. ..

    Some will say to stick with it , but if you're worse than baseline I dunno

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