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    Most potent Experimental Threatments?

    Hey guys!

    There is so many experimental threatments out there currently. Which ones do you think is the most potent ones? If I were to chose 1 or 2 of these to add to my regimen, which one would you recommend?




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    Re: Most potent Experimental Threatments?

    I would pick RU (as anti-androgen) and AHK-Cu (as growth promoter). As for ASC-J I don't see why we can't just put some capsules of BCM curcumin in our shampoo, let it sit for several minutes in the shower and cross our fingers.

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    Re: Most potent Experimental Threatments?

    mdv 3100 wit out a doubt is the most potent! neosh101 is a close second! i cant wait to add it to my regimen

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