I am at a loss, what to think about this stuff and the company. There are many conflicting opinions in the internet. Some people say that they started to lose hair on it, while others are satisfied. I thought that the "losers" were only hysterical, but recently I found an experience of a certain man, who says that he never regained the hair that he lost on it.

I currently mix 15%EssenGen with 5% Kirkland to achieve a 6% concentration, and this story scared me quite a lot. After 15 1/2 years on minoxidil and still Norwood2, it could be a fatal experiment. Well, even if EssenGen contained no minoxidil at all, I still would be using 4.2% concentration anyway, but the problem is that after an experiment with Xandrox15% last year that triggereed telogen effluvium in me, my hair is still unstable and I can't clearly see if I am keeping or losing hair.

There seems to be a surprisingly little number of users of this stuff - at least on internet forums. So far I have found perhaps ten reviews. Half of them are positive, half of them negative. So what the hell am I to think about it?!