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    Is THIS it? Mice grows hair!!!

    After years of misleading and dishonest and insensitively hope giving articles that start with words like "cure for baldness is round the corner", i had given up. Once i saw on Google new finder that news papers since 1910 have been saying the same thing, Cure for baldness round the corner!!

    Finally we may really have turned the corner, Japanese scientists have made hair to grow on mouse.

    I REALLY REALLY hope the anti-cure lobby that has invested in Minoxidil or propecia or lace hair systems dont go and cover up this find and sell us more crappy minoxidil.!

    I have high hopes for this one, please let me know what you guys think!


    http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes ... ness-cells

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    Re: Is THIS it? Mice grows hair!!!

    Mouse does not seem to care his hairs are coming back though!

    This is apparently the Japanese Univs youtube channel!

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    Re: Is THIS it? Mice grows hair!!!

    They can inject mice with anything and they seem to grow hair, why would this be any different?

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    Re: Is THIS it? Mice grows hair!!!

    Because people are not mice, next! Seriously, we will never see a cure.

    Correction, I will never see a cure.
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    Re: Is THIS it? Mice grows hair!!!

    back in the mid 90's they could grow hair on bald mice
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    Re: Is THIS it? Mice grows hair!!!

    If you took a piss on a mouse the damn thing would grow hair!

    ****ing mice can kiss my ass!
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    Re: Is THIS it? Mice grows hair!!!

    This is it alright another article to throw in the pile of mice growing hair where it does not translate over to people as well if at all. The immune system is probably pretty different and its a big part of hair loss after DHT/androgens hit the hair

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    Re: Is THIS it? Mice grows hair!!!

    Daddy Warbucks or Donald Trump??!!! Im not one of those guys.

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    Re: Is THIS it? Mice grows hair!!!

    I think this is a bit different because this is Cloning the hair, which means you can take that DHT proof hair at the back of your head and use your adult steam cells to grow more copies.

    That was what we where waiting for but i agree the Mice are trouble some buggers. We have to wait for human trials.

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