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    Im going into battle with 2/3 of the big three !!!

    Hello baldies !

    im not sure if anyone will actually bother reading this but if you are reading this please continue and give me some sort of confirmation im doing the right thing !!
    im 27 from the uk and have just started loosing my hair 6 months ago, im desperate to stop this process for the main reason i have a stupidly shaped head and believe me i would look like a boiled egg if i lost my hair (some guys look great bald, not me tho)
    so im hoping i can stop this as im taking action early, after reading a lot ive got myself a battle plan but really i just need someone to tell me im doing all i can ;

    the big three = propecia, regaine, nizoral

    medication scares the hell out of me im a big wimp, i took roaccutane when i was a teen for acne and swore id never take medication for vanity reasons again although that promise is looking less and less unbreakable !

    so im left with washing my hair once every 3 days with nizoral (handy as i also have dandruf)
    and regaine foam twice a day

    i order it from chemist direct (a great website for those in the uk by the way)

    i guess my question is apart from propecia am i doing all i can do (realistically) , perhaps i could throw some supplements/vitamins into the mix ?

    someone tell me im a good boy and pat me on the back,
    cheers baldies

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    Re: Im going into battle with 2/3 of the big three !!!

    Niz and minox will help slow your hairloss but ultimately if you want to beat hairloss you need to get on fin asap. I can almost guarantee some years down the line you will look in the mirror and wish you had started fin when you first started the "battle" dot worry about the sides there over exaggerated and coming from someone who was also on accutane i can say that accutane has more obvious sides then fin. Ive been on fin for 10 weeks now and the only sides Ive suffered was a slight ball ache for first week and watery jizz besides if you do experience unwanted sides they usually wear off once your body adjusts to the drug. Get on fin now! don't do what i did and wait around. Fin is the ultimate weapon to fight off hairloss.
    My Regime...
    Kirkland minoxidil 5% | Twice per day | started 19th Feb 2012
    Nizoral | Every 4th day | Started 19th Feb 2012
    Generic Finasteride | 1mg - Everyday | Started 9th Mar 2012

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    Re: Im going into battle with 2/3 of the big three !!!

    i didnt really wanna hear that lol !!
    how old r u and where u form just out of interest ?
    i dont wanna take medication for the rest of my life !!!

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    Re: Im going into battle with 2/3 of the big three !!!

    You don't have to medication for the rest of your life, but you'll go bald in the process, how much to you value your hair? That's the question. Taking a pill takes me a bout 7 seconds a day, and in doing so I at least know I'm fighting this. Also, in another 5 or so years (guesstimate), there will be much better treatments on the market.

    Again, it's all about how much you value your hair.
    1.25mg of Proscar, (0.50mg of Finpecia from February 2012 to January 2013, then switched to 1.25mg of Proscar) 2% Nizoral Monday & Friday. Magnesium, b12 & iron supplements daily. These are just for general health. Not sure why I'm adding them in my sig tbh!

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