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Thread: Am I receding?

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    Am I receding?

    OK so for the past couple of months my scalp has been itching like mad but its all over so I'm not 100% sure it's DHT related. I also seem to be getting terrible dandruff.

    Anyway I cant help but feel my hair line is starting to recede. I have always had a V shape hairline but as I'm getting older I feel like its starting to quickly get higher!

    My dad who is 50 has MPB and is very thin on top, his dad has MPB but is only a little bit thin on his crown.

    My mums dad is bold and so is her brother, but my mum mums family like her uncles and my mothers grandad has full heads of hair and they also have the same V line as I do.

    Anyway I have always had very fine hair so It can be hard to to if i'm thinning so I'm going to ask your guys opinions.

    Iv got water in my fringe to help keep the hair up and have a light shining directly on it so it's clearer, and excuse my dandruff i just cant get rid of it atm.

    My family tell me I am being paranoid and i'm fine but who knows. I'm 26 also.

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    Re: Am I receding?

    Not to me it's not, you have the most common hairline amongst men, a mature one, the close up pics so it's thick right along the hairline, and add to the fact that you have it soaked in water.

    Although you said you have MPB in your family, just keep an eye on it, but nothing to get worried about as of now.

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    Re: Am I receding?

    A dermatologist will tell you one way or the other. If it's in your family (like most men) then you'll probably have some hair loss eventually.

    Try to relax about it though because once you start obsessing then it becomes part of your life...and that is worse than any hair loss.

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