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    is this real? Woow

    I found this website that shows twins. one on dutasteride and the other on nothing. check it out. not sure if i should belive in it. not sure if its fake or genuine, but have a look it.

    what are you opinions on it

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    Re: is this real? Woow

    It's a fairly striking comparison, but I suppose it might be real! What do YOU think about it?
    1) No, damnit, finasteride for hairloss was NOT an "accidental discovery".
    2) No, you do NOT have to use minoxidil and Retin-A at the same time.
    3) No, washing your skin does NOT make it produce more sebum.

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    Re: is this real? Woow

    very interesting..itd be cool to see a pair of twins where one took propecia and the other took dut

    or maybe one takes .5mg of fin and the other takes 1mg.

    theres a bunch of configurations of "this vs this" that would be cool to see in twins

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    Re: is this real? Woow

    Do you guys notice that the guy with full hair does not have arm hair while the other guy does. wondering if it is a side affect of dut?

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    Re: is this real? Woow

    actually they asked the twins the same question in the FAQ of the site. the dood on dut shaves his arms

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    Re: is this real? Woow

    It'd be interesting to know if there's much difference in their lifestyles, since the balding twin seems to suggest he had 'personal concerns'.

    I mean, the one with the growth shaves his arms, probably shaves his chest (I see no hair like the other one on his neck) so probably takes better care of himself... I wonder about diet and such.

    Still, very interesting results.

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    Re: is this real? Woow

    Funny, i showed it to a few girls in the office - they seemed to think the balding one was more attractive. The peaks made him look more mature. Although the overwhelming reaction was "who cares?"

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    Re: is this real? Woow

    Its pretty obvious facial hair and chest hair are from androgens its not really up for debate seeing as how most women I have met generally dont have it and men do. So the question is how is someone on dutasteride for 5 years growing hair on his arms like crazy? Is it just because androgens trigger the hair to go terminal and then it just grows independent of androgens like any other hair then or do other androgens like testosterone mainly control it?

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