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    did the pseudohermaphrodites that imperatomcguinly followed, where they deficient in the type 2 alpha 5 reductase or type 1? or was it both? do you guys know how they say those pseudohermaphrodites never went bald or had prostate problems becuase of the alpha 5 reducatse defeciency. what if they never went bald because they never had the gene for male pattern baldness. maybe even if they did not have the deficiency, they would still not go bald becuase of not having the gene.

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    Re: pseudohermaphrodites

    They were only deficient in 5a-reductase type 2. Their type 1 levels were normal.

    I think every single pseudohermaphrodite has full, normal hair, so I strongly doubt that it has anything to do with not having the "balding gene".
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