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    chris3457's story

    Hello community.

    My name is Chris, I am 27 years old and from Germany. So please excuse if I make any spelling mistakes. I read a lot of topics about hairloss the last weeks and now I finaly registered to this board.

    I first realized my hairloss when I was 23. I always had longer hairs, so I cannot tell when it exactly began, maybe a few month sooner. The hair falling off the front became less, and there they were, my nice new temples. The crown area was not affected, and it is not until today. when I turned 24 my longer haircut bothered me more and more and so I decided to cut my hairs off. That was really a big release and made me feel more comfortable. At that moment I was not really concerned about the temples. I thought it does not look bad at all, and if it remains like that, everything is fine.

    The last years my hairs almost did not change but now I can see that the front became a bit thinner and some hairs are gone. 2 weeks ago I realized a little "gap" in the front. That was the point where I was really shocked the first time. I could not sleep for 2 days and I thought about my hairs the whole day. I never experienced something like that, horrible. I am totally down at the moment.

    Now I want to face my hairloss and fight against it. I hope you can provide some advice. I know about the so called "big 3", but I am not sure what would be the best solution for me. I already talked with my dermatologist about 2 years ago, and he diagnosed Alopecia androgenetica. And he said something like "greetings from your grandfather" Only the father of my mother and his brother had hairloss. But their father and grandfather not. My grandfather was already completely bald at my age. On my father's side nobody had hairloss, except one of my cousins, who also loses hair in the front. But neither his parents nor our grandparents nor the parents of our grandparents had it. As a child I had full light brown hairs.

    At the moment my hair is about 10-12 mm long. As you can see on the picture there are still many tiny weak hairs left. Is it too late or is there a chance of regrow?

    I am looking forward to your answers. Best regards, Chris.

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    Re: chris3457's story

    Hi chris

    There's always a chance to restore your hair. Your hair is not too bad and I do think that jumping on the big three would be your best shot to maintain, thicken up and hopefully get some regrowth.

    Best of luck to you man.

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    Re: chris3457's story

    Thanks for your comment pets93.
    I will write further development here.

    Have a nice day.

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