My headshot is in another thread, but I have thinnings on bi-lateral sides and crown of my head. No bald spots. Been to two derms and both push for Rogaine and/ore Propecia while claming they never had any patients who experienced massive inital shedding as part of the treatment taking place.

I forgot to ask this question to the derms, "Do thin hairs necessarily always lead to hair loss?" Anyone knows or have asked this question to any doctors?

For me, hairs aren't falling out, but thin on the sides and the crown, but I've been told that as early as 17 and well into my early 20s and into my 30s at barber shops, but have paid no attention, and I don't think it really affected my life so far with thin crown and sides. Currently 39.

I am getting close to buying fin or proscar from online pharm though.

(Some people naturally have thin hair, and I wonder if thinnings can stop at thinning and not progress to balding.)