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    Update: Should I be encouraged or discouraged

    I've been on fin for about a year and a half now and I started Minox in early October. So in a few days I'll be hitting the 7th month mark. Now I just wanted to know what your feedback is and whether or not I should be encouraged by the results or discouraged by the shedding.

    First let me say that I have been applying minox only around the hairline. In the temple regions where my hair loss is. I started minox because I noticed that my hair had receded past a birthmark I had on my temple and it was completely noticible. After 7 months of Minox, there are not little hairs covering up that birthmark and growing all in that area. They're not as thick as my other hairs, but they are probably abouut 2-4 mm long and maybe slowly growing.

    However I have also noticed that int he front, on my forelock area, I have seen some thinning around some parts of the hairline, particularly the very front of the V shape. It is nothing too bad and definitely nothing noticible, but I was wondering if I should be discouraged by this?

    I also noticed some thinning about 2-3 months in, but it seemed to go away by now. I would post some pics but you really cannot see my progress because the hairs are that small, but new ones are definitely coming in.

    So please let me know what you think about this matter.


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    Re: Update: Should I be encouraged or discouraged

    If I understand correct, have you stopped to fin and swtich to minox?

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    Re: Update: Should I be encouraged or discouraged

    No actually I am still using both. 5% rogaine foam in the morning, 2% generic minox in the evening, .5 mg fin daily

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    Re: Update: Should I be encouraged or discouraged

    Anyone have any input at all?

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    Re: Update: Should I be encouraged or discouraged

    If there's little hairs growing I'd say continue with what you're doing. I'm not familiar with minox but I'd say for anything that 7 months is too short to make a decision. You really should allow for a year minimum. Anything can happen in the next 5 months. I've heard of people getting no results after 11 months, then bam... 12 months comes along and that all changes.

    Also, what about increasing fin to at least 1mg daily? That seems pretty standard.

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    Re: Update: Should I be encouraged or discouraged


    Now if only those hairs would grow thicker and imo if you are growing some hairs there then you are protecting and possibly saving the other hair.

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