Hello everyone. I've been doing my own research on the side for a while now but have hit kind of a roadblock with what I know and I would really like the input of others who have had similar circumstances.

I started taking Propecia about 7-8 months ago as a way to attempt to keep what I had for life. It was more about prevention rather than cure. About 3-4 months ago, I underwent shedding all over my scalp but last month I was sure the areas where I had lost hair had been replenished. I was so happy about this, because at first I happened to be really scared.

Well the scared feeling has returned. I have lost a lot of hair in the temple region (noticing this occurrence at month 8) moving me from a class 1 to a class 1.5 or 2. I have not noticed any grow back yet. This prompts a few questions I have...

1) Does Propecia shed in cycles? Because I feel like I lost different areas of hairs this time versus 4-5 months ago. If this is another shed, I won't be too upset.

2) How possible is a hair transplant for the temple region, and what are the usual grafts required?

3) Was starting Propecia at a young age a good idea?

4) Any way to tell if this just a maturing hairline versus propecia shedding?

I'm sorry to ask so many questions, but I don't know where to turn and I am geniually frightened by the situation as of late. Thank you for responses in advance