Hey guys first post and I've researched a lot about finasteride off of independent sources like NIH pubmed etc. I had two questions for someone who is starting finasteride next week

1. I know there is a study of WOMEN where it showed they had just as much as a good affect with 2.5mg every three days vs 1mg every day of finasteride...are there any studies for men like this? How about people's experiences and recommednations? I have rarely read it going past 1.25mg on this board without noticeable side effects

Also are the any risks (agressive prostate cancer) associated with the higher dosing? At what dosage are these risks statistically significant?

2. How real is the uptake of DHT (more dht produced by the body countering finasteride)...or is this just the overwhelming voice of the 2% that finasteride has bad side effects on ?

My plan is to start fin and see where I am in six months. And then to throw in minoxidil if I'm not satisfied with the results/avoid side effects of minoxidil/annoyance of applying it twice a day....the only down side being if I'm not satifisfied wit hteh results I just wasted six months of not applying rogaine.