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    Has anyone had good results taking Avodart/Dut 12 + months?

    I am currently on propecia. The results for the first 14 months were amazing. I was a NW2 and had a full head of hair after 14 months on the medication and without any other treatment. However, I am on blood pressure meds and missed my medication and my hair shed back to baseline. It all grew back again, but then I missed my meds again and it shed. I did not know this was the issue until the second time around and now I am having trouble growing it back.

    Has anyone switched from Propecia to Avodart/Dut and had positive results? Please share your story if you have been on the mediation for at least 14+ months, positive or negative. Also, please post what level of NW you were and how long you were losing your hair prior to starting meds. Thanks for all the advice guys.
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