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Thread: adding to plan

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    adding to plan

    Hey guys

    just wanted peoples opinions when it comes to adding to their

    hair routine ,

    i was wondering is there a certain amount of time people like to
    wait before adding to their current routine or do people just add
    to it right away ?

    is there a rule people like to follow?

    i ask becuase im going to be adding to my routine , chinese medicine

    its nothing major, and im not saying it will do anything for me but i just want to see if i can achieve anything at all .


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    Re: adding to plan

    Of course there's no 'rule' but you should probably wait at least 6 months to a year on each product to see if it helps you. If fin helps, then you add something else and your hair stays the same, at least you know which product is doing the work.

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