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    About to start RU, and have some questions

    Okay, so I'm about to buy ru and the stuff that goes along, and have some questions.

    1. I will be applying it at the front, so how much do I need to cover the hairline, and a little of the area behind? After reading a bit here, I think 1 mL should be enough. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    2. I think I will be using rogaine as veichle, what would work best of the 2% or 5% solution? Im planning on using 30mg pr. mL. What concentration would that make?

    3. I have never used the liquid version before, so I wonder if there is a measuring scale on the dropper? How hard is it to fill the dropper with exactly 1 mL at the time?

    4. I'm thinking about buying from K.outing, unless anyone would strongly recommend me not to. My first thought was to buy from r.axxus, but it seems like some strange stuff is going on over there right now. Any inputs?

    Thx in advance

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    Re: About to start RU, and have some questions

    1. 1 ml is enough; although I would recommend to apply it (3ml)everywhere, even if you're not yet thinning.

    2. Both mix well.

    30mg in 1 ml = 3%

    3. my minox (from ALOPEXY) comes with a syringe of 1 ml
    ... ?

    4. Haven't bought from K. Only O C.
    Rax. seems to be complicated at the moment.

    I would recommend to buy only a few gram RU, give it a try, then reevaluate the whole thing, then buy more or try to get your hands on RUM and AHK...

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    Re: About to start RU, and have some questions

    Thanks alot for reply. I'm also on fin, so do you really think it's neccesarry to apply RU in the non thinning areas? They where okay even before starting fin. Whats your experience with OC?

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    Re: About to start RU, and have some questions

    Difficult to depends on how aggressive your hairloss is.

    Fin and RU are foremost to avoid/limit/delay hairloss, so it's always better to use them BEFORE you start thinning. And these 2 would make a great combo for this matter (considering that they work in different ways).

    so yes I would recommend them both (if Fin doesn't give you any sides...).

    I don't use Fin but many other products (Copper peptides, Minox, Revita, Revivogen, Aminexil).

    OC ? I got nothing negative to say... I suppose it is real RU that they sell because since I started 1 year ago, I lose way less hair and the whole thing is stabilized. I switched to RUM this week (and use slightly less), lets see how this works out...

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    Re: About to start RU, and have some questions

    Best of luck with RUM I believe i have moderate-aggressive hairloss, you can read my story if you click on the link in my signature. I got good results with the treatments ive been using, but im still not totally satisfied. I think RU might do the trick!

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