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    Thumbs up Anyone trying any experimental treatment?

    Hi! First, sorry for my poor english
    I wanted to ask you if anyone is trying any TOPICAL experimental treatment like any of the next ones...
    * CRTH2 (or GPR44) Antagonists: Indole-3-acetic acids,Ramatroban and analogues, 4-aminotetrahydroquinoline derivatives K117 and K604.
    * Quercetin
    * PTGDS inhibitor
    * Sodium chromoglycate
    * Vitamin E Succinate

    I want to try a PTGDS inhibitor but I can't find (at least in Google) any one that could be available at a pharmacy... do you know of any? (I think they're only experimental because their names are codes or long chemistry names) like the other options, e.g. ramatroban (but its available in Japan , and I'm in Argentina.. 20000 km. away ) Also I'm an engineering student, so I have no money and no life , but mostly I have no money

    I wanted to know if you are trying something new , now that we know that prostaglandins are involved

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    Re: Anyone trying any experimental treatment?

    Many time became a cause of hair losing forDepression. When man feel deep depression for any mental cause then it happen case for hair loss.

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