Hey all.
I am in my mid-20s and the hairline has moved backwards and the top is starting to thin. I noticed this all starting at the age of 18. My hair was very thick but the hairs on top are fewer in numbers and are thinner too.
I am looking for general comments on my daily routine.
At first finasteride gave some very wierd sexual side effects but they have gone .

My routine:
-0.8mg fin each morning (it was 1mg but me trying to save money is taking a smaller dosage!)
-Rogaine foam each morning on the crown (Not started yet as I have paid for it but it hasn't arrived)
-Minoxidil liquid - 1ml on the crown in the evenings (Idon't wish to use to use this in the mornings)
-Multivitamin & iron tablets - 1 per day
- Saw palmetto 320mg tablets - one tablet every few days (I don't think they lower DHT as surely the sides would have been the same as the fin!)
- Sulphur 1g - one tablet every few days for general nail growth
- Nizoral shampoo - Used twice per week. When I use it I wash my hair with normal shampoo then just use the Nizoral on the top for a second wash.

I am looking for general comments on my routine. I have had a bit of shedding but not much since I started on the minoxidil (unsure about the fin as I was using minoxidil before that). I have no lasting fin side effects.
Does the minoxidil (foam or liquid) work on the front bits - I don't get why it would only work on the crown.
When the Saw Palmetto runs out I probably won't renew it. That will bring my yearly cost to around 300 Pounds (UK). The real costs are in the rogaine foam and the finasteride, so I aim to take doses wisely as I have a strict budget for this hair loss stuff.

Thanks in advance for any help given.