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    Unique Story-need support

    I'm 23 and have been losing my hair for about a year. I used to have the barber thin my hair out because it was so thick and now its thin to the point of seeing my scalp. I had been losing hair around my temples for a few years but nothing to bad and nothing I couldn't hide easily. In March of 2011 I received some life changing news (of which I won't discuss) that basically put me in both physical and emotional shock.Shortly afterwards I went on anti-depressants and within a month I started losing a lot of hair. It was depressing seeing my hair falling off in the shower in big numbers. Somehow, I could still manage to cover it up and make it look normal.

    I stopped taking the anti-depressants in Sept and my hair loss seemed to go down drastically, I had read that what I lost was supposed to grow back but I'm not sure if it did or not. I wanted to try and get some of my receding hairline back so I started using rogaine foam in Dec of last year. It was going great until about 3 weeks ago when I started losing a ton of hair. I do have regrowth where I'm applying it on my temples but my hair in front is so thin now its easy to see my scalp. In three weeks it changed so fast. I know they say to wait out the shed but is it normal for the shed to begin three months in???

    My confidence is so up and down right now and it seems to be based on how my hair looks, so any support would be appreciated.

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    Re: Unique Story-need support

    Three months or three weeks? Its normal for it to happen three weeks in.

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    Re: Unique Story-need support

    It started at 3 months in.

    And like most people im scared of the side effects of taking Fin, but the hairs im losing are all different kinds, but some do see miniaturized so hopefully they grow back thicker.

    However, I did get a bit of good news (at least good news to me) I got a call yesterday from my doctor and they said I'm Vitamin D deficient so I looked up what symptoms I had (fatigue, joint pain etc.) and happened that hair loss was also a major factor in being vitamin D deficient. Apparently 40% of people don't get enough vitamin D. ... hair-loss/

    I looked through some pages of the vitamins section here and didn't see anyone bringing up vitamin D as a way to slow down hair loss, but I took my first pill today and if I notice any changes I'll update with the results

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    Re: Unique Story-need support

    I tested low for vitamin D too and started taking 5000 iu per day, but I didn't regrow any hair. My guess is that it only happens in extreme cases and hair would fall out everywhere. If it's a receding hair line, it's MPB. Nizoral shampoo may be somewhat effective, so you should start using that since it has no side effects. Finasteride is the mother of all hair loss drugs though.

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    Re: Unique Story-need support

    Quote Originally Posted by Ben
    Vitamins will help for overall health but it wont help stop hairloss.
    Unfortunately so. I've been taking vitamin supplements forever, and Omega 3 fish-oil (Efalex) since 1995 - if either of those prevented MPB, then I wouldn't be going through that I'm going through.

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