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    19 years old and things getting problematic?

    Hey, a 19-year old here. Just wanted to know if I'm balding and how severe this could be (in the long run, especially), and what options do I really have.

    I haven't suspected anything until a few days ago when due to a online quiz I was searching for what a receding hairline is (my native language is not English so that's why). Then I was worried if I might have the same problem, and decided to check it out as I went to the bathroom. I took the following pictures.

    This my normal: ... hit3d.jpg/
    A bit close up:****2n.jpg
    And the top:****5.jpg/
    But then I expose my forehead and:****.jpg/
    And then from the side:****4.jpg/

    So from what I gather, it seems pretty bad. I've been unaware of this because I've always had medium-length hair (a bit short a while ago as well, but didn't really notice anything). I am pretty sure there's no history of balding in my family. And while taking a shower and looking at the mirror, for some reason I haven't noticed it all, only when I started suspecting this became the case. I've dyed my hair twice a few years ago, and then my mom told me that I lost a bit of texture after that, but nothing serious.

    Also, I haven't noticed any hair from falling off either.

    I'm prepared for the worst, and I am considering consulting a dermatologist in a month (can't right now because I'm in a boarding school). This looks pretty serious, albeit at the moment not very visible with my medium haircut, but isn't this NW 2.5?

    Input is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Re: 19 years old and things getting problematic?

    Yes it does look like you have a slight loss at hairline. Another pic would help to figure it out M8. lol.

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