So with nothing to lose, a good amount of optimism, awareness of the psychosomatic connection underlying the disease process, and now my tubes of miconazole and a scalp roller, I'm adding another dimension to my MPB assault.

My question - should I apply Miconazole after having used a dermarolller? The needles are 1.5mm, it's painfulto use but in an almost pleasant way. I hear the pop of the epidermis many have mentioned.

I.e. do we want to increase absorbtiion of miconazole nitrate - is this desirable in increasing efficacy or just increasing systemic effects and potential headaches?

I think i will appply along my hairline only for the time being, see how things go....

Thanks for your time, I'm just not sure about this one.

Wet scalp Minox application increased the side effects for me (dark circles around eyes, puffy face/eyelids, horrible skin, enlarged pores...)