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    PICS for the Newbies

    I havent posted in a while , but i have been looking at some really bad pieces on line lately . lol

    Im 39 and have been married for 8 years, and even though im married i refuse to look like a moron wearing a bad tupee !! lol

    I also will NOT spend a ton of money going to a salon so i do everything myself.

    Over the past year i got feed up with the pros / cons of lace and skin systems so i combined the 2 .

    I love the look of a injected skin system but the hair line was not up to par !!

    I love the hair line of a lace system but that was all i liked about lace systems.

    i currently use a 1" strip of lace hair line in front a skin injected system and here are the results.

    Some say i wear my hair too low but i thinks its looks a little off when its too high.

    Please feel free to post questions, critism/ opinions, etc.

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    Re: PICS for the Newbies

    I think it looks great. Can you tell me more about what you did. I know very little about hair systems. What is a skin system or lace system. Where did you get your system? I have had 4 hair transplants through the years they worked but they didnt work if you know what I mean. Hair grew but far from a decent head of hair plus it was all concentrated on top and front none in the back which is bald now.

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    Re: PICS for the Newbies

    Let me get this straight. You cut a peice of a lace system and seal that to your forehead for the hairline? Can this be done? I've heard it can but I'm skeptical. I am looking for a quick fix to my hair line problems before I get a transplant and am wondering if this is worth a try!

    It's the bolt, it's the buzz, it's the sheer f*ck offness of it all

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