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Thread: 1 year later

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    1 year later

    I am updating once again my hair status for you.
    This was a year ago viewtopic.php?f=11&t=65094

    and half a year ago viewtopic.php?f=11&t=69819

    I have to say that i have been taking fin for only 2 months since last year ( when I started getting worried)
    I have naturally very fine hair and it could have been a very stupid choice to drop fin but right now i can say i am satisfied with what i have. I have cut my hair and i really regret it because when its long it CAN look fabulous with proper styling.(the sides of my head are buzzed)

    So hopefully it will regrow fast!..the reason why im posting updates is to get opinions from you, in order to use fin at the right moment! In fact i think i will start it next week again (one year later) because THIS is the time to use it. during the two month period i didnt get any sides, and personally i dont think that i will get any ( then again who knows).
    i am not using any treatment because i am still not sure if i am actively loosing hair ( no shedding, hair on pillow etc.)

    So please compared to the other events, how is my hair status!?
    you should consider that my hairline is Vshaped, but im styling it to appear more straight. and please consider that i am seriously concerned, and not just messing with you! opinions and advices?!
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