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Thread: 2 questions

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    2 questions

    Approximately how much would a transplant of this type and quality cost?

    And my 2nd biggest question is, what happens if you lose significantly more hair? You'd be walking around with a very odd head of hair unless you got more, wouldn't you? Let's say I save up enough money for a similar transplant to the one above, but then I don't have enough money for another transplant, does that just make me out of luck?

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    Re: 2 questions

    What treatment would you suggest which falls in our budget? And between how much intervals do we need to do HT?

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    Re: 2 questions

    i would never recommend anyone having a HT. It is a fraud industry and is not a REAL solution.

    I certainly do not recommend anyone getting hairline work done, ever. Crown work will at least look somewhat acceptable if one continues to bald, but you are right hairline work will be exposed and look really bad. MY hairline work looked horrible from the day it grew. Thanks Dr. Alexander from Arizona, he is a horrible surgeon.

    Huge mistake on my part.

    Don't forget that your scalp will stretch and you will lose density throughout your existing hair when the close the incision too.

    That guy's hair looked fine without the HT. A little more hair isn't worth the risk.

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