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    Start of Treatment

    I really think I'm ready to start some form of treatment.

    I'd say I'm currently a 1.5. Thick all over the head, but my hairline is creeping back with miniturisation on the hairline.

    Do I need to use Minox with Fin? Does Minox work alone?

    I've messed around with natural supplements for a while but I think whilst that may have slowed down the progress, I feel I need to get on Fin now.

    I'm 23, is it that much to worry about? Will it thicken the hairs which are starting to miniturise?

    I don't want to wait any longer, I want to catch it now and I feel Fin is going to be the only possible way to stop my hair loss.

    Any advice would be great - thanks.

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    Re: Start of Treatment

    Minoxidil will grow hair and thicken your existing hair while you take it, but without fin, your hair loss will continue to progress over the years. Nizoral may be a mildly effective alternative to finasteride if your hair loss isn't that bad, but the research is limited and anecdotal evidence is not conclusive. Fin is the safest bet.

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