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    How reliable are generic propecia from an online pharmacy?

    Hi, I've been taking propecia for just over two months now.
    I chose to buy from an online pharmacy because the cost of buying it offline was just too much for me.
    After doing a little bit of research, I bought propecia from the cheapest pharmacy. The brand of propecia that I got is FINCOM-1.

    The reason I'm inquiring on the reliability of online pharmacies is i'm not seeing any results. I know it usually takes 3 months AT LEAST (longer in some cases) before any effect is shown with propecia, but under my expectations, I should at least see ANY progress at this point, about 2/3 of 3 months gone by.
    In fact, it seems like the rate of hair loss has increased in the last two weeks.
    I've been taking photos of my hair line to document changes over time, and looking at them, it seems like the amount of hair I lost over the last two weeks is about equal to the amount I lost in the first 6 weeks of taking propecia.
    Now, I'm beginning to question the effectiveness of the drug that I'm taking.

    Is there any possibility that this particular drug may have worsened my hair loss?
    or am I just overreacting and this kind of result can be observed in anyone who's taking propecia in first two months?

    If it's propecia that's giving me the problem, can anyone recommend a more reliable website where I can get unprescribed propecia?


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    Re: How reliable are generic propecia from an online pharmacy?

    At the very least make sure it's Finpecia from Cipla, that is the only pharmaceutical company that is world renowned that I know of, besides the obvious western companies, you could try Generic4All and Pharm4All, I know both of those are legit, also, Inhouse Pharmacy and 4rx.

    I'm not sure if the latter two sell Finpecia, but I know the former two do.
    1.25mg of Proscar, (0.50mg of Finpecia from February 2012 to January 2013, then switched to 1.25mg of Proscar) 2% Nizoral Monday & Friday. Magnesium, b12 & iron supplements daily. These are just for general health. Not sure why I'm adding them in my sig tbh!

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