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    Paranoia: Emo (Propecia)

    I am afraid I am getting too emotional. I read that testosterone can lead to more confidence and steadiness. Instead, I have zero confidence sometimes even unwarranted. I have been taking finasteride for a while now and that may be a contributing factor b.c it increases estrogen. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Paranoia: Emo (Propecia)

    just get a blood test for your hormone levels and if they are in the normal psychological range then it's probably something else.

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    Re: Paranoia: Emo (Propecia)

    Extremely low T levels coupled with high estrogen levels could possibly result in some mood problems, but that's usually the result of a mental problem such as depression.

    If high T levels resulted in high confidence, psychologists would be pumping all their patients up with it to treat their issues. Think of it this way; guys that take roids to gain muscle are almost universally extremely unconfident, have a low self esteem, fragile state of mind and are EXTREMELY emotional.

    Keep in mind Finasteride on average actually boosts your T levels. However, it can also rarely cause depression, which may or may not be hormonal in nature.

    One way to test is to (talk to your doctor first) come off Finasteride for a few weeks or months, just to see if your mood goes back to normal. If it does, then fin might be to blame.

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