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    Just another problem, can't cope anymore

    I've been losing hair for over two years. I hardly have any left at the front and I hate it. I'm devastated. I have a long head shape and now I just have a massive forehead. I went to the doctors last week and asked for duasteride (sides from propecia) and she completely brushed me off like I don't matter.

    I have so many problems in my life that I don't know how to cope. I need advice from someone who can relate, my parents just belittle.

    I have so many issues. I've had hyperhidrosis my whole life, which means my hands (mainly) are wet and slimy all the time. Sometimes the treatment doesn't work. This has almost turned me into a mute and i've been too ashamed to get a gf or try for jobs. I make everything wet that I handle. I'm also shy and i've had social anxiety my whole life. I've tried hard but it still effects me hugely. I'm also a part of the 18-24 generation who have masses of qualifications but no prospects. I feel like I have no future and no one to turn to.

    This is pretty much where i'm at. My mum has just had a go at me for getting angry and slamming a door and I feel henpecked. This is no way for a 24 year old man to live. What a ****ing loser I am. I'm seriously considering ending it all, I feel totally beaten.

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    Re: Just another problem, can't cope anymore

    Go see another doctor, another doctor\gp may give you a prescription. Probably a good idea to ask for some anti-depressants as well.

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    Re: Just another problem, can't cope anymore

    I feel so much for you, dude. So much. I understand you complitely. Just know that you are not alone. I will not brag about that things will get better, or stupid crap about confidence. Hair loss is probably one of few things in this world that has no double quality. It's just pure ****. When you have good hair, you always could just look in the mirror at your fantastic mane and no matter what, you can always smile at the thought that you have full, soft hair on your head. My life for the past two years was pure mental agony. Every single day. It's a horrible nightmare and I can't wake up. When I read your post, I couldn't belive how much I can finally relate to somebody here.
    Almost the same stuff with no understanding or a little bit sympathy from others. They are glad that everything is ok with them. I would like to see the looks on their faces if it'll happend to them I'd like too look if they will act the same. But I digress... I want to say it again - I understand you. You are not alone in this one.

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    Re: Just another problem, can't cope anymore

    sounds like me; always coming up with excuses for not wanting to socialize or have a go-getta attitude. u seriously reckon u r completely unable to do what u want to?

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