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    26 years - planning on getting transplant w/ Photos of loss

    Hi All -

    Thanks for being such a supportive group.

    I'm a 26 year old from the U.S.A. that has/had a receding hair line, though I've been taking close care of it for a number of years. I first noticed when I was 20. I have been on finasteride since I was 21 (2007) which is when I also started using Nizoral every several days. In 2009, I started using Nioxin's 3-step system, which is been using the Nioxin Follicle Booster and Rogaine both twice a day. I continue these regimens all into today, and I'm strongly considering a hair transplant from Bosley to get back what I had lost initially. Photo links are at the bottom.

    I noticed about an inch of recession at first, but since 2009 the recession has slowed down or even stopped. (Same thing in the shower: years ago, there would be hair in my hands; now there is none at all.)

    I do not have any visible loss anywhere else, either thinning or bald spot. I have a fraternal twin, who has a 2 inch bald spot, with noticeably much worse recession and thinning. I think that I've been the one taking of the above precautions is the big difference in loss between us. My dad has a thick head of hair, and only has had visible parts of a small bald spot now that he's 60. My 29 year old brother has no hair loss, so it's not totally in the family...just two of us.

    I've been looking at options for hair transplants, particularly from Bosley, exclusively. On their hair loss scale I'm about a 2/2A. I estimate the cost for this would be somewhere around $6500, and I would be going for an FUT.

    Before I would call them to arrange for their free consultation, I was hoping to get the opinion here first. I know you've advised for guys who are still in their mid 20s to not bother with this yet, because the recession in the hairline may not have stopped, but I've been vigilant though in keeping any further loss at bay. I also know there's a number of doctors' names floating around, although I'm not as quick to trust the private practice over the 'bigger brand', so to speak.

    Any thoughts on either side of the fence will help, and I've got a number of pictures below. Thanks for your thoughts, and you can be as blunt as you want in responding - I'd like to see what you all think about going for the transplant. Images below from 2009, 2010, and 2012:




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    Re: 26 years - planning on getting transplant w/ Photos of loss

    I have not had a transplant, but I've done a lot of research. I IMPLORE you (and I'm sure that many others will chime in), do NOT got to Bosley for a transplant.

    Do NOT restrict your search to people just in the states. This is surgery, and you are going to live with the results of it for the rest of your life.

    I'm sure someone who's had a transplant or 2 will chime in here pretty soon and give you more info :-)

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    Re: 26 years - planning on getting transplant w/ Photos of loss

    Also, what does your crown look like? Your hairline looks fairly strong where it is. My hairline receded...and has diffused, so it's pretty weak around my right temple area :-/.

    I'm 28 and am thinking about getting some FUE, and Feller would be my first choice.

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    Re: 26 years - planning on getting transplant w/ Photos of loss

    Thank you everyone. I was originally going to go with Bosley and did some before-after reviews, also due to their brand name. I know now to continue to explore all avenues. I guess one of the things that also attracted me was the 'safety' of such a well known entity. Any thoughts on specific reasons to not ever do Bosley? I'm thinking too it's because you can't guarantee the're really at the mercey of whomever they choose. was one of the reasons I was thinking it was a good way to go, in my research.

    My crown is looking good actually - no real or noticeable loss - solely loss exists at the temples, and is about an inch of recession on both sides.

    Hope this answers the questions. Hope to hear back. You all are awesome for helping me. I've been checking out Dr. Feller and posts on this forum related to him and it's really impressive. I'm so glad I consulted you all before making any calls to Bosley. I've been researching for a while, but was always so afraid to go to the private places and no longer have that fear.

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    Re: 26 years - planning on getting transplant w/ Photos of loss

    there is so much I would like to type, it would just take forever

    The one thing I would suggest is that you are too young for this type of surgery, don't do it. 26 is too early, depending on who your are 40 could be to early.

    Hairloss drugs don't work forever, look at pictures in the media of people when they were in the public eye to when they are 50 and 60. Some of them lose a ton of hair later in life. Will you be one? Will I?

    What will it look like if you get a HT and you are one?

    once you start, you can never stop, will your balding stop, where? when?

    Don't trust the doctors to help you, they see green, they see future business as well, they can create future business by coming up short but making an improvement

    they don't care about you, plain and simple.....

    cut your hair short, enjoy your life, stop worrying about how your hair looks, worry about your health, finance, education.

    No one cares if you have a little more hair, it doesn't make that much of a difference in the big picture, just to you.

    I wish I never had it done

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    Re: 26 years - planning on getting transplant w/ Photos of loss

    Would seriously advise against you getting a HT. Not that it would look bad, so long as you went to a good dr you would be able to get a great head of hair but in the long term how is that going to look. it will require a lot of maintance, a huge expense over the course of a lifetime which you must then supplement with meds and even still it may give you further problems in the future.

    This is a lifetime decision. If I were you i count myself lucky that i have a decent amount of hair, enjoy it and get on with life and if it really bothers you, get something done later on, the longer you leave it, the better imo

    all the best whatever way you go and definately dont go to bosley

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