Hey guys,

I've been reading the forums on this site for a while but only have recently made an account. To make my story short, I've been experiencing MPB since i was 17-18. I've always had thin hair and deep corners. I started really noticing it when I was 19-20. I tried reviveogen for a year with no results. My current regimine is
1.)propecia for 5 months
2.) nizoral for a month
3.) rogaine foam for a week

I have a ways to go before seeing results but I've been noticing something weird, I have a couple (like 10) random hairs that are infront of my hairline that have never fallen out. They are still thick even and I guess just aren't affected. The funny thing is is I use them as a proxy to tell how far my hairline is receding.

Also, I have been noticing a lot of random hairs (about 10-15%) i think that are thicker at the roots. I know it's too early to see stuff but could that be hair the propecia has thickened up?

Thanks for the help guys.