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    Scared and Need help: Rapid Hairloss (pics)

    Just some background: I am a healthy and athletic 20 year old male. I compete in a div.1 athletic program, and though I've gained a little beer weight, I'm in excellent shape. My grandfather on my father's side has just about a full head of hair, while my mother's grandfather has very little left. My father is about medium, but did not experience hairloss as early as I am experiencing it now. I began experiencing it last year when I was 19. I came home from school for the summer and my parents told me they felt like my hair was thinning. I went to a dermatologist and he told me I definitely had the signs of male pattern baldness (they did the thyroid test).

    At this stage it wasn't even really visible, about July of this past year, 2011 Now, not even a year later, plenty of people have commented on it and it is a huge source of embarrassment and humiliation for me. I have always had fluffy curly hair which girls loved to play with, I never even imagined balding as a possibility.

    I'd like to note a few peculiarities though. My hair loss is highly concentrated in one region (view photos please), and I have had this happen before, kind of. All through high school my friends teased about a bald spot on my crown, where my hair spiraled out of. I could never get rid of it, but never felt like it was a real bald spot. You could definitely see my scalp though. At this point however, this has somehow disappeared and nobody has mentioned it in years. I find this odd. Also, I am not shedding. I do not wake up to hairs on my pillow, or hairs on my hand when I run my hands through my hair (even when in the shower).

    My grandmother gave me a shampoo which she uses and which helped her, it is the Ducray Anaphase shampoo. I've been using it for a few weeks now and have noticed no difference, in fact I've probably thinned out even more. My first dermatologist (a male) suggested I try rogaine. He told me he wouldn't recommend propecia because of the side effects, but would prescribe it if I'd like. Another dermatologist told me she had no problem with propecia. I've done research on both and the side effects I've uncovered are horrific. I want to get rid of my hairloss problem, but I don't want to mess with my heart and blood pressure when I'm an active athlete and could seriously harm myself, and the apparently (uncommon, but widely noted) permanent side effects of propecia are life destroying and crippling. I'd rather be bald than permanently impotent, but it seems like I don't have much of an option.

    Frankly, I'm really scared and I don't know what to do. Any advice would be highly appreciated. My main concerns, however, are the side effects of both these medicines.

    From the sides, crown, etc. I am not losing or thinning noticeably any hair. I tried uploading more but imageshack didn't let me. As you can see it's all concentrated in a small area, one which actually might look bigger in this photo than it really is.

    Thanks for reading all of this.

    EDIT: As an added note, apparently I've been told very recently that a strange abrasion on my shoulder and wrist (where the hair seems to have stopped growing in a small patch) are the results of Eczema. I don't see how Eczema ties to hair loss, but I thought it was worth mentioning. The scalp area feels normal by the way. Though this sounds like an obvious explanation, I do not feel it is the cause, and the dermatologist who noted the Eczema did not bring it up. Only recently did I even consider the small possibility of a link.

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    Re: Scared and Need help: Rapid Hairloss (pics)

    Well I'm not too concerned about the side effects themselves. I'm concerned about the possibility of them becoming permanent. If I knew the side effects subsided after stopping the medication, it wouldn't be an issue and I'd take it. I've heard many accounts of this not happening though, people who end up completely losing their sex drive both mental and physical. Others who feel foggy for up to 10 years. One described himself as an "asexual zombie", many of these people have committed suicide. Frankly that terrifies me.

    I've heard similar things about rogaine, where people feel the drug ruined their life. They can't breathe right, have heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and minor impotence.

    Are these genuine concerns? I'm sure they're overblown, but how overblown?

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    Re: Scared and Need help: Rapid Hairloss (pics)

    I would not take propecia. I know for a fact that many drugs claim side effects "go away" after stop using them. But I was on a blood pressure med for a year and it left me with a pretty severe side effect that never went away after stopping it. 8 years later I still have the side effect.

    I totally believe the propecia people who claim the side effects never went away. I would stay away from propecia. I mean I know having hair is important but having your health is so much more important. Im sure most people are fine on propecia but it's a risk. You can take it if you want but I will not be.

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    Re: Scared and Need help: Rapid Hairloss (pics)

    That's an unusual pattern, you should look into Minoxidil and Finasteride.

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    Re: Scared and Need help: Rapid Hairloss (pics)

    you have approx a 2-in-100 chance of getting sexual sides with fin. If you stop, then you have a 1-in-100 chance of NOT going back to normal. Basically you have about a 1-in-10000 chance of being fine, even if you get sides and stop.

    However, you have a 1-in-88 chance of dying in a car wreck in your lifetime. Is that going to keep you from driving or riding in cars?

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    Re: Scared and Need help: Rapid Hairloss (pics)

    Thanks for the advice, I think I'm just gonna suck it up and start doing both. What dosage should I be looking at and what minox application? Rogaine Foam? I live in New York if that's of any help as to what my options are.

    Also, has anybody tried Ducray products? Should I continue using the Anaphase shampoo? It's supposed to prepare your hair for the treatment, though many claim it strengthens and helps thicken you hair anyway.

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    Re: Scared and Need help: Rapid Hairloss (pics)

    Since im a student, (just started rogaine 2 months ago) I just use the liquid version morning and nite and wear a cap until it drys.

    For a normal person I would use foam in the morning and liquid at night. Also, just started fin yesterday and im only taking .5mg (splitting a 1mg pill) to ease in and see whats up.

    I probably will just stay on .5mg since i have a small body but for a normal guy ide probably switch to 1mg later if .5mg seems alright and see what you think. I would rate my testosterone as very high so .5mg should be ok.

    I believe if you can keep the right balance with dosage related to your hormones that you shouldn't develop much sides at all. Though you wouldn't get to much hair regrowth in this state, I think with this approach it should help maintain what this person has left.

    Shampoo wise, i haven't used anything but im going to pick up some nizoral today.

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