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    Jassmasters story; need some expert advice

    So heres the story, I'm 18, and Ive been noticing my hair thinning slowly for about a year. At first I wasnt very worried because I thought it would grow back, but since half a year or so I've noticed my density decrease by alot. From my own researching about hairloss, which I've done extensively for a year, I'd say im having diffused thinning.

    Now when I went to get this checked by my GP back in October, he prescribed me stieprox to clear out my scalp, which in my opinion had slight dandruff and dermititis. However, ever since then my hair has thinned even more at the crown (wierdly its more on the right side then the left, quiet a bit more). Now when I wash my hair I can see my scalp from the top and sides alot in bright lighting, however blow drying it acctually gives me a perfectly well covered scalp look. Density has decreased quiet a bit. Its pretty much thinning all over my head, even the back...but very slowly and slightly.

    So recently, to take matters into my own hands, I've started using Niz for nearly 2 months and 320mg extract of Saw Palmeto daily alongwith vitamins for about the same time. When I again I went to my GP he said I dont have MPB because I havent really receded at my hairline, which he says is the sign of MPB (While we all know theres more then just receding) and said not to worry it'll grow back just keep clearing my dandruff (which i have little of).

    I've even got my thyroid and iron levels checked along with a full blood test for vitamin and min deficiencies which turned out fine.

    Concluding with this long background information, I have 4 questions. What do you guys think is the issue here? Also, do you think I should take minoxidil/finasteride to promote/ (slow down dht if there is any) hair growth at the crown and the mid frontal area? Also can you use minoxidil at the back and sides of your head? Is using minoxidil once a day as effective?

    Thanks for your time everyone.

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    Re: Jassmasters story; need some expert advice

    Thanks for the reply, and i'm from Canada. Thanks for the advice, I myself havent seen any pattern in the thinning, it just seems like a general thinning all over, yet i maintain a steady full head look. But i'll definately get checked for miniaturization? I'm contemplating between taking fin or min. Currently on saw and niz, I'll wait for my hair to cycle again and see how it does in 3 months, by which I want to start some sort of treatment if it turns worse.

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