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    minoxidil -> migraine?

    Anybody else suspects minoxidil to be the cause for the migraines? I don't want to blame it, because my mother also has migraines, but my migraines(aura-visual disorders, eye&head pain) started when i was already on minoxidil for some time.

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    Re: minoxidil -> migraine?

    Minoxidil is a vasodilator, so yes it can cause migraines. Anything that dilates your vasculature has potential to cause headaches. As for them occurring after consistent long use I'm not too sure. I think most people that do experience any kind of headaches or sluggishness seem to adapt after continued use. Have you upped your strength/frequency of application/ or changed when you apply? Maybe you are getting too much systemic absorption.

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    Re: minoxidil -> migraine?

    Thanks for the reply. I haven't upped the dosage. I used Folligen after applying minoxidil, so maybe I got more systemic absorbtion, because with the 2 topicals together my scalp was wet. But migraines started when I was using just minoxidil. Sure a day of stress and/or lack of sleep was the reason, but before I was using minoxidil I was in the same situations and didn't get migraines. So I guess it isn't the main reason, but it contributes.

    Should I consider stop using minoxidil? Or it isn't that serious?

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