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    Is surgery an option for me? (pic)

    Hi all,

    I was planning to go through with an FUE procedure a couple months ago with Dr Rahal in Ottawa. I'm a pretty diffuse thinner with a receding hairline, so I was hoping to fill in the top, and also lower my temples just a bit. However, after meeting with Dr. Rahal, he informed me that if he filled in the top, I would probably lose as many hairs from shock-loss as the number he put in.

    He could still lower my hairline, but it will still be thin, so I walked away. I really, really respected him for telling me the straight-up truth, as opposed to taking my $20,000 and risking my unhappiness.

    However, I'd still like some opinions from others who may have similar hair, or a similar experience. Do you think a transplant of any kind is just off the table for me? Opinions are extremely appreciated!


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    Re: Is surgery an option for me? (pic)

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated. And I have actually been on Fin for a year, so we'll see how it progresses

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    Re: Is surgery an option for me? (pic)

    So what did you decide? to go forward with HT or not?

    Also, did Dr R express any concern about operating on a young person like you with visible hair loss?

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    Re: Is surgery an option for me? (pic)

    I'm a pretty diffuse thinner
    Nope, you are not. I think you can do a transplant. Diffuse thinners lose their hair all over the head. Your back of the head is normal. That means you have a simple MPB.

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