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    What is considered a shed?

    I have read a lot about how starting Rogaine can cause excess shedding at the start. For me, it did not seem to make my shedding any better or worse, but 4 months in I feel as though my shedding hasn't changed. My shedding is not extreme (30-40 hairs when I shower)...but does this mean the Rogaine is not working since there has been no decrease? Would it be wise to stop or continue use to see where it goes? I have blonde hair the way it is, so it is very difficult to see if there is any new hairs on my scalp. On my hairline, I have seen what seems to be peach fuzz like hair and this has given me hope.

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    Re: What is considered a shed?

    uhm there is a STICKY thread just for that... read it:

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