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    My son was diagnosed with alopecia areata at 12 months. He is now almost 14 months and we've still seen no real growth in the area.
    He never had a lot of hair to begin with, but literally within a few days almost all of what he had fell out. And the hair that is left is weird and frizzy, unlike his old smoother hair.
    We live in the Boston area, so we have access to great hospitals, but the one we went to was literally no help at all. His pedi diagnosed him, and the dermatologist he went to see was literally useless and told us to come back in 4 months. I told the pedi and she said we should go for a 2nd opinion.
    So we're working on that now.

    I just am looking to talk with other parents who have children with hairloss. My little guy is just so handsome, even if he only has a little poof of hair!

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    Hi there, any progress?

    There was coconut oil which i heard is good for kids. If you find that, you can help your kid.
    Smile is the wisest answer to all questions.

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    My 3 yr old was just diagnosed with AA, she also has to return in four months, I am still processing the implications of this condition for my baby girl.... Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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