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Thread: Formula 82m

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    Formula 82m

    Hello, has anyone tried Formula 82M, 5%rogaine, retin A, a dht inhibitor, topical steroid added for inflammation looks like it works well per pics shown just wondering if anyone here has tried it, and if the cost was bearable, I tried lewenberg formula years ago and got really good results, but started getting bad irritation from rogain w/pg plus the cost was ridiculous and they want you to use constantly as if it were cheap, though I believe the retin A rogain combo works thanks for reply

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    Re: Formula 82m

    I tried Rogaine 2% liquid and then Rogaine 5% foam for at least 15 years. Neither really worked for me. But after using it for so long, you're kind of afraid to stop using it for fear of losing the rest of your hair. Then I checked hair restoration. I'd go with that, but it's pretty cost prohibitive for me. Especially the neograft procedure. I was reading the paper and in the article it mentioned Formula 82M among other types of therapies. I started using it about 5 months ago. It took about 3 months 2 x per day to see any results. Then it was amazing. One morning I couldn't believe the difference in the new hair growth and thickness. Of course it didn't all grow in over night, but you look at yourself everyday so it's not a drastic quick change. My wife said I thought your hair looked different each day. Then one of my daughters came home from school after a couple of months and told me my hair was so much thicker. She said I looked like I have a gray ring along my forehead and so much new growth on top. The gray ring is all the small hairs growing in. I just never noticed it day to day.
    Now unfortunately I'm taking a chemotherapy type medication for the last 2 months. My hair should really be falling out significantly, but it's not. I'm using 82M 1 x per day, and I truly believe that 82M is keeping my hair in my head. I'm a believer of 82M. After I finish my medical regime, I'll take some before and after pics and post them. I'll go back to 2 x per day and my hair will grow in with a vengeance. At least I hope so anyway.

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    Re: Formula 82m

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