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    Very Aggressive Hairloss - Dut

    Hello to all. I feel very helpless about my current situation. My hair loss started in 2010 with the age of 16. I directly started a treatment with Minoxidil for 5 months, but there was no effect, therefore I started to supply Fin. I am taking Fin for 14 months now, and Minox too, but my status become worse . I am now 18 and I have NW 2,5. I don't know what to do either.

    I think about starting Dut , but there are very different stories 'bout this medicine, but I don't want to lose my hair.

    I lose 300-400 hairs a day - although I take Fin.

    I hope you can help me anyway to find the right medication.

    PS :
    English is not my first language, and I cannot understand everything - hope you could - and are able to help me anyway.

    Photo : ( about 3 months old, current status is worse )

    Do you think Dut and may RU ( dont know anything 'bout this (?)) will help me ?


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    Re: Very Aggressive Hairloss - Dut

    I am sorry mate,it's obvious that your hairloss is really agressive..14 months of fin and 5 months of minox ... don't know what to say can try duta if you are not afraid of the sides... dont't know what another option to say...
    My regimen :
    Finasteride 1.25mg/day.
    Nizoral 2% keto every day.
    Kirkland minoxidil 5% twice a day.

    p.s Important detail of my day regimen : Drifting a BMW,changes my current NW to NW1.

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    Re: Very Aggressive Hairloss - Dut

    anyone ?

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    Re: Very Aggressive Hairloss - Dut

    I'm also sorry to hear that. Especially at your young age.

    I don't have hairloss as aggressive as yours and I'm no expert but if Fin does not work after a year, you may be a (poor) non-responder. It happens apparently. Although it is tough, I don't think there is a reason to take it further.

    I would try Dut if I were you. Maybe add RU later.

    If you stay on the regime you are now it will most likely not stop your hairloss and you will deteriorate. Especially since you seem to lose ground so fast. So Dut may avoid that. In any case you need to change something about the regime. I hope someone else will reply too.

    I wish you all the best!
    .................................................. .................................................. ......................
    My story:

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    Re: Very Aggressive Hairloss - Dut

    Hy krx1,

    I start to lose my hair at 19 in a very aggressive way. After 4 weeks I start to take propecia and minox 5% daily. For 1 year everything was fine, but after 1 year my hair start to fall again, and in that moment i replaced propecia with avodart 0.5 mg daily. In the last 2 year i grew from 0.5 to 1.5 mg, because after 6 8 month after i grew the dosage, hair start to fall again. Now i believe i cannot do anything else to keep my hair..... I have tried a lot of things FDA approved or not..... In my opinion it is a question of time, how long your treatment start to function. I think, if you dind`t have erectile dysfunction with propecia you will not have with avodart.

    Ps. Now i`m 22....
    F..k hair loss and everyone who laugh about this ****.
    I now, bad English, sry....

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    Re: Very Aggressive Hairloss - Dut

    don't care 'bout ur english, mine isn' t better.

    i have erectyle disfunctions with propecia, but I would even take Viagra if Propecia or Advoart would have any effect.

    Which status do u have now ?

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    Re: Very Aggressive Hairloss - Dut

    Hey dude,
    I'm sorry about that. A good relative from mine is urologist and he told me about all that ****ty stuff cause I have been interested in, too. It's dangerous stuff and nobody can tell you how your body will actually react. Im a 24 year old balding man, but I have never taken Fin or Dut. What I'll actually do and what I'm doing right now is:
    - saving some money for future transplants (last week I was at Dr. Gho HairScienceInstitute in Amsterdam, had a conversation about Hair Stem Cell Transplantation. Should be no advertisement, but dude, I'd suggest you look for alternatives. Honestly money does not play rule, but your body do! Even If you wanna take viagra to compensate your sides from Dut!
    - if you are a non-responder of Fin, yes take some vitamin pils and biotin, buy nizoral and a good shampoo on the off days and go back to your normal life. I know it's difficult

    Best wishes,

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    Re: Very Aggressive Hairloss - Dut

    You seem way too young to be taking either Fin or Dut :/

    Look into RU58841 but I think you should be prepared to lose your hair if your loss is really that aggressive. It's certainly not worth deliberately making yourself impotent over.

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    Re: Very Aggressive Hairloss - Dut

    Hy Krx1 again,

    I have hair on my head but is less than i saw in your photo. on NW scale i dont know if i am 2 3 4 or 5...
    Now i`m thinking about a hair transplant but i don`t really know if it`s ok at this age, and probably if i start to lose my hair from 19 years, i will not be a good candidate for hair transplant....
    I don`t know what to do. From all my friends i`m the only bald guy, the rest of them have full heads of hair.....
    sometime i`m asking myself what did i do wrong to lose hair from this age.... At 20-22 you want to live your live not stay and find solutions for hair loss, solutions that not exist for long term...
    Damn it....

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