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    Is my hairline receding? I'm 18

    HiI just turned 18 and I just noticed what seems to be a receding hairline. I don't want to offend anyone who is going through a hard time losing their hair since I'm not bald or anything, but I just would like to figure out if my hairline is receding...

    I cannot remember if my hairline was always like this. I tried looking in older pictures and it seems like it was in some, and other, not so much. Someone drew on my face the other day and that's why I was thoroughly paying attention to my forehead.

    ALL males in my family have full heads of hair. There are literally NO bald people besides my mother's mother's brother (my great uncle. but he wasn't completely bald and it was only in the back). My father, his brothers, my mother's brothers, and both my parent's fathers all have/had hair.

    Am I just growing into my "mature hairline"? Is it improbable that I will have Male pattern badless considering that it isn't in my family? ... ETxpzH.png

    The last one was taken when I was about 10 without my hair pulled back unfortunately. But the side does seem like it may go back(?)

    ALSO, I heard that smaller. thinner hair around the hairline is really bad. I definitely have shorter, thinner hairs around where I am concerned where it's receding (the corners of my hairline). I pulled out a hair there, and a hair from the middle of my head, and the hair from the middle was a lot darker and it was also thicker and longer. Is this a bad sign? I feel like i've always had lighter hair around the hairline but please give me your opinion. THANKS SO MUCH

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    Re: Is my hairline receding? I'm 18

    Looks like a fairly uniform mature (but barely) hairline. Keep an eye on it and even get it checked out if you're really worried but you don't seem to have a hair loss problem at the moment.

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