I've more or less come to accept hairloss, even embracing the worst case scenario of going bald and having to razor down. My goals in life aren't dependent on my hair and as I'm about to enter the adult world, it'd actually be kind of freeing to stop placing so much emphasis on physical appearance and superficiality. Those things won't matter in time, or with my intended future profession. I'd rather keep my body as healthy as possible, and being on a drug that alters my body in an unnatural way for the benefit of nothing else except appearance obviously seems to counter this. I'm not trying to disparage anyone else's personal use at all, this is just my opinion and point of view. If you are comfortable using finasteride, more power (and hair) to you.

I'm not really sure what will happen with my hair as I still had a lot before starting (hairline was just starting to recede). Maybe I will just develop a mature hairline, or I could go the way of my grandfather and lose it all. Like I said, I think I've become comfortable with the worst scenario, I just don't want to jeopardize my health, and it's also very annoying not being able to get decent erections.

Anyways, with that said, I plan on stopping finasteride pretty soon. What should I be expecting and is there any particular way that would be "safer" when getting off the medication?