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Thread: Jax hairloss

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    Jax hairloss

    Hello all

    I have a receding hairline , and diagnosed with male pattern balness , very frustated at the lack of support the NHS offers . Tried regain success . I have good and bad days but really need to get a solution to help my confidence that is getting lower and lower . Am now awaiting a referal to DR Fenton . I am also very interested in the Intralace hair system .


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    Re: Jax hairloss

    NHS does nowt, I know.

    If you ask your regular NHS GP to get you a Propecia (finasteride 1mg) prescription, that will help though. (You might have to pay them a "private consultancy" fee, and you will have to pay for the medicine yourself rather than the 8 or so NHS prescription fee.)

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