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    Thumbs up new experiment for myself

    Garlic juice
    onion juice
    cayenne pepper
    black pepper
    olive oil
    flax seed oil
    applied about 3 mls on my scalp and i can already feel the blood flow increased to the scalp and im gonna give this experiment of mine a month and we;ll see how it goes
    wish me luck

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    Re: new experiment for myself

    Good Luck! You should try it for at least three months. Keep us updated.

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    Re: new experiment for myself

    sure man im also thinking of adding minoxidil and emu oil after reading this
    Emu oil is very skin soluble, by mixing minoxidil with Emu Oil you allow it to penetrate much deeper into the scalp and the Emu oil acts as an anti inflammatory on the scalp for the follicles too

    the minoxidil is there in whole holistic thing because it works to stimulate follicles into action, you Will NOT need to use it forever used this way, your just using it to get your follicles growing hair again and then letting nature do the rest, 1-2 x a year to maintain after that at most<

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