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    my 3 year story of loss with pics

    hi everyone, im happy to be here, as we all have one thing in common "hair loss".
    3 years ago my hair loss started when i was 18, it was a hard hit on my social life as well as my self esteem. i started to get a buzz cut since then because hair loss was in early stages and it was unnoticeable with buzz cut. after few months i decided to do something about it and i thought of it that ill put end to this problem and life a happy life and nothing to worry about later. so i decided to go to my family doctor and he saw it as a MPB at that time i wasnt introduced to any products or did any research at all, because for me i trust the doctors and i wanted to get to the problem right away and solve it. the doctor prescribed me a minoxidil5% solution. again at that time i didnt knew what this stuff was. i asked my doctor how long will i have to use this minoxidil ? he said 7 or 8 months and then ull be good to go...
    first day i was so happy when i got the minoxidil solution. i didnt care about the minor side effects like red skin or dry skin... after a month i started to see results i mean good results that i was happy with my hair line started to grow back just like when i was in high school. and then one day i was doing minoxidil research on internet (the first time) i found out that u have to use it continually to maintain results that u got by using minoxidil... i felt trapped didnt know what to do cuz i definetly didnt want something to use for rest of my life 2wice a day that is .. so i decided to get off of minoxidil after 6 months and my hair fell apart again this time the condition had gotten worse than the first time when i started minoxidil and i never touched that stuff again.
    after that i kept looking around the internet for natural stuff and came across p.r.o.c.e.r.i.n ... it was a time a money waste didnt do anything and i used it for 3 months with the foam or whatever. so i saw the main ingredient in procerin was saw palmetto so i bought me some of that from local drug store and ive been taking saw palmetto since than...
    now i just massage my head twice a day with almond and olive oil mixture and i also take niacin, msm, and fish oils. all of these have maintained my hair and slowly i do see progress of getting back some of my hair and i also do cardio everyday ..
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    Re: my 3 year story of loss with pics

    Sorry buddy I cant tell from those pictures, im not convinced about about your regimen either but what do I know, if your happy with how its looking up their then frankly thats all that matters in my opinion.

    All I will say is that you it looks like the buzz suits you great so congrats on that at the very least!.

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    Re: my 3 year story of loss with pics

    The newest pics seem much better to me. More coverage. The older pics of when you stopped Minox (a year ago) are worse. More little black dots covering now.

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    Re: my 3 year story of loss with pics

    What dosage in Saw Palmetto are you taking?

    I heard you have to take 960mg of the stuff to block DHT, some people claim you just need one 320mg of saw palmetto daily to reduce hair loss but you won't see actual results till 6 months usage.

    You should use Nizoral shampoo every day, leave it on your scalp for 5-10 minutes and shampoo it off. It helps.

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