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    Any bikers in the house???

    I've been thinking of getting a bike for some time. I don't really want a bike that is too big or too expensive. I own a car and I drive a lot, I can't afford the taxes and the insurance of a big bike.

    I've looked at the expenses, I can easily afford a 250cc bike or even the cheaper 600cc models. I don't have any previous experience and I'm not sure if 250cc is too small...

    From what I've read so far, Ninja 250 sort of a bike should be enough for a few weekend rides and the occasional longer ride in the summer. I'm not planning of going racing with it, so anything that gets to the legal speed limit and manages to cruise at that speed should be enough...

    I know 250cc for the Americans is like a joke, but considering that my next car is likely to be a 1.3 diesel, 250cc seems reasonable. My current car is 1.5 diesel and I get 50mpg (US) fuel efficiency....

    Is 250cc too small???

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    Re: Any bikers in the house???

    Yes, a 250cc Ninja is too small! You will learn fast! trust me.. the 250 gets old fast.. Here is my choices for a beginner!! You will never forget your first road motorcycle!!!
    KTM 690 Duke the R version!
    Kawasaki ER-6n
    Suzuki gladius 650

    or Triumph speed triple 675.. google it!!

    All these bikes have better powerband for beginner.. more predictable.. really fun to ride..really nimble! and the sitting position is less aggressive.. I own myself an 2011 ZX-10r from Kawasaki. Raced dirt bikes for 10 years.. this is my second liter bike... Nothing like this!!!

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    Re: Any bikers in the house???

    Well, the fact is KTM is one of the most expensive brands and is completely out of question.

    Kawasakis are more affordable and ER6n or f are in my short list.

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