Just diagnosed with AA and haven't been to my derm appt. yet. I am 41 (dating a 23 year old)...great timing to go bald Anyway I have an ophiasis pattern of hairloss....receding back hairline and bald patch size of a golf ball or more above one ear. I have long brown hair so most is covered although i use some eyeliner to cover the scalp above my ear so it isn't really noticeable. I hear my pattern is pretty resistant to treatment...but I just hope like MANY that it doesn't progress and get worse.....But on a positive note....it isn't cancer or life threatening and a wig someday might be a fast way to get ready and beautiful quickly in the morning....still hoping it doesn't come to that??? Would love to meet some more experienced women out there....it is all so lonely and overwhelming..and still worry in the back of my mind that it could be lupus although my gp didn't even test ANA because all my blood levels were fine and I have NO other symptoms to indicate lupus....anyway my name is Susie and I hope to meet new balding and BEAUTIFUL friends out there!