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    New member - quick questions (I searched before asking)

    I am considering using hair club for one year to get through the growing pains and learning curve. I am 31 and wanted to do surgery but after seeing the average surgery results and the regimen of pills and topics - I feel this is the best route. I took propecia before and think it does things to you that is hard to explain - not to mention its expensive and can be awful for you down the road (who really knows?). I currently have very diffused hair on top of my head and use concealers to hide, thicken up my hair. Initially it was a life safer but the mess it makes applying it each morning and the limitations to wind and water are frustrating- not to mention the fear of people seeing it and noticing it.

    To stay on topic -

    I am considering an extra short system - synthetic hair with lace base.

    1. Will it be annoying when wet or when you sweat? Can you dry your scalp after shower with towel?
    2. How does synthetic feel compared to real hair - only myself or wife will really touch it but curious.
    3. Wearing concealers - I am constantly checking mirrors to find the powder falls onto my forehead or away from my hairline - I have even found large clumps fall at times which has completely embarrassed me - will there be similar issues with a system? Glue or base visible?

    What I really hate about concealers is that in sunlight it looks like doll hair or metal flakes in my hair - will that be the same with a system

    Thank you for any help

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    Re: New member - quick questions (I searched before asking)

    I am 30yrs old to and i was in the same position in my life, toppik was becoming a real pain in the ass and diffusion was a problem, it always delayed me when i was going out and also to get the right look was some times hard, the other option was those drugs that cause all sorts of side effects and not to mention surgery was ruled out because my donor area was not very thick to provide a satisfying hair line, more over i dont want to be butchered.

    So i was in a dead end with options and i figured what the hell, i would be wishing i had hair even if i did shave it off and had a Vin Diesel look, so why not just get hair. Its only logical when people do all sorts of things for vanity, when they have eye problems they wear glasses or opt for surgery, when they lose a teeth they keep a fake one, when they begin to grow a beard they shave it off as if its not meant to be, so why cant we have the same option? Why cant we keep hair if we lose it? Thats logical dont listen to other people who call it rug sacks, this is an age where people can get plastic surgery if they had cleft pallets or a scar.

    I have been wearing one for the past month now and i must say it is dam real, people would never believe i have one! LMAO..its just great. I am however worried about the cost and the life of the system. It is pretty expensive depending on where you buy it. I live in India and all the hair is exported from here but they dont manufacture the swiss lace types here! How weird is that, i end up paying more than what people in the west do! So i have found some web sites which offer cheaper versions.

    I would definitely recommend it, i am married to the mirror now as well but in a good way and what a relief it is. Trust me mate, if you get the right vendor its DEFINITELY the right way to go, Just do it and forget about it.

    1. Would it be annoying? Well, the first few days it felt itchy but later on i can not feel a dam thing on my scalp, it is just amazing. It feels like real hair and thank goodness for that. Who would want an itchy rug sack on their head.

    2. I asked them about synthetic but they told me it does not behave well and it looks very artificial, so i did not ask that. 100% human hair is the best.

    3. Thank god i am off toppik and i have an late teens hair line now, its amazing and I look dam young now. I am a new user to and so far its AMAZING! I love it.

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    Re: New member - quick questions (I searched before asking)

    hey do you think you can post up some photos of your system?

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