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    Earliest shed on Fin?

    When did you start shedding on Fin?
    What's the earliest and latest you've ever heard of?

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    Re: Earliest shed on Fin?

    I've been on fin for 1.5 months and have noticed an increase in shedding. I've never been a huge shedding type, but it has increased in the last week or so.

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    Re: Earliest shed on Fin?

    It's a good sign,no matter when the shed is coming...every person is different,KEEP your regimen !
    My regimen :
    Finasteride 1.25mg/day.
    Nizoral 2% keto every day.
    Kirkland minoxidil 5% twice a day.

    p.s Important detail of my day regimen : Drifting a BMW,changes my current NW to NW1.

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    Re: Earliest shed on Fin?

    Maybe I'm crazy, but I think I experienced shedding about 3 weeks into it. This seems really early compared to everything I've read, but the edge of my sink was covered in hair. It's now been about 8 weeks and it seems to have subsided.

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    Re: Earliest shed on Fin?

    This is copied from Dougies success story under the success story section and may give you some relief:

    "On finasteride...
    The first 3 months were hell, but I kept my hair
    real long. I know I shed like a banshee though.
    Months 3-6 nothing really happened. Months
    6-9 I had a horrible shed, but stuff started
    growing toward the end as there was no change
    in the way my hair looked. Then, months 10-12
    things were awesome, I could start spiking my
    hair up again which was sweet. Months 12-14 I
    would say were pretty bad, I shed huge and my
    spot which was bad, the area right up in the
    front on my hairline, was ridiculously thin.
    Month 15 or so everything picked up and my
    hair has been that way since.
    I would say the worst months were 6-9 and I
    am currently in the best months. My ex chick
    said my hair is way thicker than before and so
    did my father who told me that he thought I
    was losing my hair but and wanted to know
    what happened.
    Oh, I am a diffuse thinner and it worked equally
    well everywhere.
    The best part is, I more thanlikely would have
    just stopped using it after 9 months because at
    that time it didn't look significantly different. A
    combination of not cutting my hair til after 9
    months and knowing from this website that I
    would need to wait out the sheds kept me going
    on it.
    Oh, I got my fincar from inhousepharmacy I
    I have a pic, but I don't really want to host it
    anywhere. If I could just upload it here I would."

    So as you can see it takes time and patience. Ive been on fin for seven months and not expecting anything for another 5 months at my 1 year point. Quiting gaurantees continued hair loss and staying on fin can only help it.

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