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    24Yrs old trying to avoid FIN! Here's my story...

    Hi all,

    I've been lurking these forums for some time now and I have decided to post my story here. Basically I have been shedding from the crown since I was 20, at 21 I started taking propecia and 5% of minoxidil and it gave great results but I decided to stop taking propecia due to its side effects warnings (also I think i was experiencing some of the sides dont know if I was being paranoid though). Since then I had been using 5% rogaine foam once a day (inconsistent) and taking saw palmetto but I think it had no effect.

    After searching in these forums I decided to try out this regimen:

    5% Minoxidil twice a day
    Tricomin once a day
    Revivogen scalp therapy once a day

    Nizoral 2% every 3 days
    Advance Bioclin Phydrium every other day im not using Nizoral shampoo

    Multi-Vitamins, Omega3 pills

    Below are pictures of Day 1 and will keep my story updated and see how will I do with this regimen. I think if i can manage to keep my current hair I'll be happy i guess. If I fail to do so i think i might consider 0.15mg fin. Any one ever tried 0.15mg fin? ... 066fv.jpg/ ... 068bq.jpg/ ... 070vz.jpg/ ... 071oc.jpg/ ... 073uv.jpg/

    The pictures above has been taken with flash

    This one is without flash.

    After seeing this pictures i couldn't belive I was getting this worse!
    Anyway wish me luck!!

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    Re: 24Yrs old trying to avoid FIN! Here's my story...

    You were probably just being paranoid. Cut the dosage down to .5mg and you should have no problems.

    The sad truth is....Fin is your only "true" way to fight MBP. People may make the "shotgun approach" argument, and it might be true...but that doesn't make the fact that Fin is your best hope any less true.

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    Re: 24Yrs old trying to avoid FIN! Here's my story...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rawtashk
    You were probably just being paranoid. Cut the dosage down to .5mg and you should have no problems.
    With all due respect though Rawtashk, wtf difference is cutting dosage to .5mg going to make??

    .5mg has almost exactly the same potency as 1mg or 1.25mg, it's only when you drop the dose below .05mg does Fin inhibit significantly less DHT and is therefore likely to cause less side effects.

    That's a lot of pill cutting!

    Quote Originally Posted by seb View Post
    ha,yes these females(I use the term loosely) dont want too be straddled by some spiky-haired,pretty boy,they want too be abused,what better man,than a big,bald,monster.It feels damn good at the time,but when I have emptied my tea-bags,and back in the dark room I inhabit,then the shame,guilt,and emptiness begins.

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