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    Hairline receded and stopped

    At 19 my hairline receded from a nw1 to nw2 and stopped, had very mild regrowth in temples from 0.5mg dut and 15% minox 2x daily. Haven't been on any treatment at all in 14 months and I haven't lost anymore hair and I shower daily with generic shampoo with absolutely zero hairs in my hands/soap after vigorous rubbing.

    Am I in the clear as far as my hairloss situation? Opinions?

    Would like to hear of anyone else who has been in this situation.

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    Re: Hairline receded and stopped

    Its called a mature hairline.
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    Re: Hairline receded and stopped

    Well, thank you for the response and I hope you are right.

    I was curious if anyone else has been through a similar situation and still incurred a great deal more hair loss/thinning after 2 or 3 years of no treatment. I want to know cause i will get back on treatment if need be. I hate the unknown. I'll be 23 next month if that makes any difference.

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    Re: Hairline receded and stopped

    I started propecia when I was twenty-three, used it for three years and stopped cold turkey due to lower libido. Im now 34-yrs old, hair line has held up pretty well in the last seven years and now it has started to recede again. Hairloss can be start up/accelerate again in future years. Im proof of that. Im back on the propecia at .25mg dosage per day to see if I can avoid these freakin sides. Good Luck!

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