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    My success on the big three

    Hi there, i wanted to share my positive experience with the big three!

    First of all I started with Minox and Ket about 2 Years ago, at first it was great! I had some really really big regrow in hair and it got really thick. but the success didn't last very long, after a Year I started losing all the hair that minox and ket helped me to regrow, i was hoping that it was just a shedding phase but it just didn't get any better...

    So after a Year of serious hairloss I decided to give FIN a chance. and I think the results speak for themselves! I'm for 4 Months now on fin and I'm already seeing some good regrow and had no sides whats or ever, just a "pulling" pain in my balls in the first week but it wasn't something that was unbearable, just had this feeling 3-4 times a day but even that went away in less then a week
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    Re: My success on the big three

    Awesome! Keep it up. I'm in my 4th month too, but I don't have those great results yet...
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    My story:

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    Re: My success on the big three

    Great results!

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    Re: My success on the big three

    yeah i'm also pretty pleased with the results for now. i kind of went from a "this guy has lost his hair"-situation to a "this guy is losing his hair"-situation

    i hope to get it to the "is this guy losing his hair?"-situation

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    Re: My success on the big three

    Grate, you got good result !!!

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    Re: My success on the big three

    Glad this is working for you!

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    Re: My success on the big three

    It looks great and it's probably going to get even better. Congratulations!

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    Re: My success on the big three

    Congratulations Dude, well done. I wish you all the best going forward also. Just a quick question, did you experience any shedding at the start of taking Fin?? If so how much & how long did it take to grow back?

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    Re: My success on the big three

    actually i didn't notice any shedding since i started it.

    there was a phase after ~2 Months where i had a feeling that the hair has gotten thinner a bit again. maybe that was a small shed that i had for like 1-2 weeks, cant really say.

    right now i have a lot of small hairs all over my scalp, i really regret my choice of not starting fin back then with minox...the minox had filled up my head back then like crazy. it probably has a better "trigger"-impact on the hair when starting with it. but they weren't able to survive, now i'm hoping to get them back.

    my advice would be to start with fin+ket at first and if you are looking for fast results all the three together.

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    Re: My success on the big three

    your hair looks wet in the first pic? hair always look worse wet so difficult to say you have improved.

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